Monday, May 3, 2010

Introducing, Me

May 3rd, 2010

I went to Prom this last saturday and on top of looking amazing I was hoping to see a certain someone there. Now, this someone, we'll call him Bill, had been texting me and flirting with me quite a bit! To my chagrin I spotted him in the middle of the dance floor with some houch! Along with rubbing her bare back they resumed their "his-front-to-her-back" sway. I personally wouldnt call that dancing but it was far better than the revolting way other couples were dancing, which I will not describe any further for your benefit, but I'm sure you can imagine.
What the chaperones are there for is beyond me, other than trying to live vicariously through us teens.

Forgive me for interupting my story, but I have failed to introduce myself.
Hello, my name is......
Oh, you thought I was actually going to give you my name! Haha, arent you cute! No, I figured it would be much more fun for the both of us if I was left unknown. But you can refer to me as Betty, why I chose this name is for me to know and for you to wonder about.
I guess its about time I tell you a little about myself. I am an average girl, but not really haha. I have always loved to write but though it was about time I took my love for words and used it for a blog. I am a faithful Christian. I dont have a religion, but rather a relationship with Jesus. I'm sorry if you dont understand what I mean but just think of it as having a best friend who knows everything about you, knows whats best for you, and loves you more than you could even imagine. Its a little more complex than that but we'll stop there before I get too descriptive. Oh, and this best friend is God so He is perfect! God is my whole life, every decision, every thought, and every word I try to focus on what God would want. Life is easier, and harder walking the path that I have chosen but I wouldnt trade it for anything at all. I have two siblings, a younger sister whom I adore, and an older brother who I wish I was closer to. He and I have just always seemed to be on different wave lengths. When I grew up he wasnt around and he still doesnt see me as who I really am. I'm still just a silly little girl in his eyes. But I'll talk more on them later.
I have never had a boyfriend and that is for only a few reasons; I am extreemly picky and glad to be, I havent met a guy that I like enough to get to know better, and guys dont even talk to me much. The ones that do tell me its because I'm very intimidating. I dont mean to be scary but I'm confident in who I am (which has been a long and brutal process), but also shy.
I dont know if I told you, but I also love to write lyrics. Those who have read them say they are pretty good, and I have to say that I'm proud of myself for that. I also love to paint, I dont get a chance to do it too often but when I do I just go into my element. Same for when I'm writing. The whole world fades and its just me and that brush or pen.
I'd have to say that I have the best family in the world, we all love eachother and get along great. Most kids I know dont really talk to their parents about anything but I can tell either parent anything at all! Its so awesome!

Dont ever take anything in life for granted, before you know it, it could all be swept away.

Peace out!

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